Past Exchange Students and Chaperones

2020, 2021, 2022:

No Exchange held due to COVID-19 Pandemic


Mrs. Teresa V- Chaperone

-Emma R.
-Emily J.
-Imogen T.
-Sarah P.
-Hazel Z.


Mrs. Lucille P- Chaperone

– Steele C.
– Eric R.
– Maisy C.
– Eric K.
– Emma T.


Mrs. Tanya Rowlands- Chaperone
-Sophie K.
-Hannah W.
-Naiara P.
-Lucy R.
-Ben R.


Mr. Cas Giannubilo- Chaperone
-Emily S.
-Jude T.
-Kate E.
-Eric M.
-Andrew P.


Mr. Larry Chute- Chaperone
-Claire M.
-Erin S.
-Emily H.
-Nika P.


Ms. Whitney Shrieves- Chaperone
-Brittney D.
-Mackenzie T.
-Abby T.
-Victoria D.


Mr. George Sim- Chaperone
-Heaven R.
-Sophia S.
-Rebecca V.
-Courtney Y.


Ms. Cheryl Ham- Chaperone
-Terry Dayne (T.D.) B.
-Caroline S.
-Emily M.
-Paula H.

Testimonials- Students, Chaperones and Host Families

“… what I have gained in those two weeks I feel will impact me for the rest of my life. First of all, I am taking away countless wonderful memories and stories which I can pass down for as long as I live. I am also taking away a great appreciation for Japanese culture, a newfound love for language, and an understanding of the importance of international relationships. Most importantly however, I am taking away incredible connections that I could have never made without this program. In light of all of this, I would like to say thank you. Thank you to the Lions for helping me prepare for this trip and supporting from home.”
-Emily J, 2019 Canadian Youth Exchange Student

“I had an amazing time in Japan. Some of the most memorable highlights would have to be the 3 generations festival, meeting with the mayor, the Lions Club night, the day trip to Hakone, and spending time with the Japanese kids.”
– Eric M, 2016 Canadian Exchange Student

“I personally loved wearing the Yukata and going to the three generations festival, along with carrying the shrine and dancing and singing in the streets.”
– Kate E, 2016 Canadian Exchange Student

“My host family is some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. The opportunity of actually living with a Japanese family has given me a much fuller insight into the culture and how they actually live. I am sure I have created a lifelong friendship and will see them again soon!”
– Jude T, 2016 Canadian Exchange Student

“The trip to Japan was fantastic with many experiences of new places, new food and being able to be immersed in a completely new culture that was completely different and I would recommend it to anyone who would be available to be able to go.”
-Andrew P, 2016 Canadian Exchange Student

“The 2016 NS Lions Youth Exchange trip to Japan was an extremely eye opening and fulfilling experience.”
-Emily S, 2016 Canadian Exchange Student

“The Lions Youth Exchange program to Chiba City, Japan has forever and will eternally hold a very special place in my heart. This place in my heart is a place where even now, as I write this, is awakened to all the beautiful and truly heart-warming memories I know I will never lose from this experience. The daily events were enough to keep even the most adventurous of jet-setters in a daze! We were always being constantly enlightened by experiencing a new culture and there was absolutely no end to the amount of fun that was had. I’ve never laughed or smiled as much in my life! I truly returned an improved person with increased confidence and a worldlier outlook towards life. This trip is truly unlike any other- you get to do so much that would normally be very hard to do as a regular tourist! (And who doesn’t love to gloat about being an “ambassador” to Japan?) I give my utmost thanks to everyone who made this possible and may many more students enjoy this trip of a lifetime!”

– Lauren M, 2007 Canadian Exchange Student

“By the time I had to leave Japan I had grown to love everything about the country. Japanese people are so open, kind, courteous, thoughtful and accepting that it is hard not to love them. After the first couple of days of Japanese food all I wanted to do was eat a nice juicy burger, but as soon as I got back to Canada all I wanted to do was go out for sushi! Over the length of the trip I learned a lot about Japanese culture and customs, but the biggest thing that I brought back from the experience was a love for Japan and its people and a longing to go back to my second home”.

– Jordan R, 2007 Canadian Exchange Student

“In 2002, I got my first taste of Japan when I traveled as a student on this youth exchange program. It was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. The North Shore Lions Club provided me something I could have never gained in the classroom setting. The trip broadened my knowledge of Japanese culture and helped me appreciate the similarities and differences between our countries. There wasn’t a day that passed in Japan were I wasn’t laughing or smiling, or learning something new. The Japanese are so friendly and welcoming they immediately made me feel at home. It was wonderful to have met so many friends who I now consider my extended family. When I left Japan, I promised that I would return someday. And as luck would have it, I returned to Chiba 5 years later as the chaperone to a new group of  4 young Canadian students: enthusiastic, curious, nervous, yet excited. Together, the 5 of us embarked on a new journey in Japan, and became a family along the way.”

– Bernice L, 2002 Canadian Exchange Student and 2007 Exchange Chaperone.

“As a past chaperone for the Lions Youth Exchange Program, I was given the responsibility of 4 Canadian students in Japan; For me, proper supervision is of primary concern.The Chiba City Government carefully selected the host families and provided the students with an interesting and busy schedule. All the students reported that they had a great time- and so did I.”

– George S, Past Canadian Exchange Chaperone

“Fun, exciting, and thoroughly delightful is the best way to describe this exchange. My daughter had a terrific time and so did we when it was our turn to host a student. We learned a lot about Japan and have had a fabulous time connecting with the Japanese kids and families through e-mail and photos. I highly recommend this exchange and only wish that I could’ve gone myself!”

– Loretta T, 2004 Canadian Host Family